Real-Life Streaming Underwater Coral Camera

Watch the action in this real-time live video feed directly from an urban reef in Miami Fl.

I came across this live-feed from a coral reef off Miami. It is captivating so, use it in moderation .. LOL

This is the Coral City Camera. It started streaming live on April 11, 2020 from an underwater reef off Miami. Its location is along the shoreline at the east end of Port-Miami at a depth of about 10 feet.

It seems to be located on a busy section of the reef…Take a minute or two to see what swims by. It is real time in real-life so you never know what to expect. ( Thought: hopefully you are looking while its is still daytime.. I am not sure if there are night lights)

You will find it makes a great real-life screen saver that can be enjoyed all day.

Coral City Camera – YouTube Video Stream

The Coral City Camera provides a fish-eye view into the urban marine ecosystem that has developed around the human-made shorelines of Miami. The project was launched with the idea that the incredible biodiversity living just below the waterline in Miami should be a point of civic pride that engages the public to protect what they know and love. The riprap boulder shoreline along PortMiami demonstrates that human infrastructure can offer imperiled species with refuge and functional habitat in unexpected urban locations as well as serve as conveniently accessible research sites.

H/T YouTube Videos

Hope you enjoy it.. grab the URL it makes a nice real-life screen saver 🙂

Images Source: YouTube Video Stream

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