Plausible Reasons for Rapidly Increasing Great White Shark Attacks

Why has the number of great white shark attacks greatly increased over the last year or so?

Well that is the million dollar question.

The ecotourism industry is booming. Great white sharks are dream animals to dive with and photograph. many divers consider it among the ultimate diving experience.

Image Source: YouTube Video Clip The Blue Realm – Real wild Documentary

To attract, or bring the sharks in for observation, usually involves the practice of chumming (teasing sharks with potential food).

Under normal conditions without chumming, sharks often exhibit a more passive, but curious attitude that is mostly non threatening. However, when chumming is involved, we all know their actions are not exactly passive.

In a way, this more aggressive behavior is understandable. Imagine if you were hungry and the local restaurants just teased you with food without actually giving you any. Therefore, some shark experts are leaning toward blaming the practice of chumming for this increase.

Image Source: YouTube Video Clip The Blue Realm – Real wild Documentary

On the other hand, with global warming and the rapidly changing seascape many of the shark’s favorite sources of food is migrating to new areas often frequented by us beach-goers.

As the narrator points out in the video below. We us humans, now number about 7 billion across the globe. Therefore, the there is an ever increasing number of us out in the water that can come into contact with sharks.

Anyway you look at it, it is the natural drive for food that motivates most animals to prey on others.Ecotourism

“Is Shark Baiting Leading To More Shark Attacks?” – The Blue Realm YouTube Video by Real Wild

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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