Orcas In the News Ramming Boats – A Candid Look At Why

With over 50 recorded orca attacks on boats so far, the thousand dollar question is: Why?

As you probably know by now, orcas have been attacking boats off the coast of Portugal. However, it is easy to overlook or dismiss these incidents as perhaps a temporary phenomenon. That is, until you stop and consider that there has been about 50 incidents already with no apparent signs of let-up.

In the following video a boat captain shares his frightening experiences with us. Its a good thing the captain used his wise judgement to report this incident to the Coast guard as a precaution as the situation worsened. The coast Guard advised him that the only thing he could do was to shut the engines and be quiet. He shut the engines, as suggested, and waited for the orcas to stop their ramming exercises. They continued to ram his boat for two hours.

Watch the video clip below where a skipper recants his experiences with the GMA news team.

“” – YouTube video by Good Morning America

Naturally, there are many options as to why this is happening. The fact of the matter is that scientists are quite baffled by this peculiar orca behavior. Their opinions are somewhat diametrically opposed to each other.

Perhaps Joel, a former whale trainer, cuts the drama as he explains the behavior of these orcas in the clip below.

Watch the clip below for a no-nonsense explanation.

“”- YouTube video by Beckman’s Dog Training

There are about 50,000 orcas in our oceans and no recorded knowledge of anyone being hurt or injured by them. This, despite our somewhat frequent orca – human encounters.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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