Orca – How These Super Predators Rule The Seas

Its common knowledge that orcas area very intelligent and at the top of the food chain. However, how much do we really understand about the capabilities of these large mammals?

Orcas are considered one of the most dangerous predators in the ocean. They have excellent eyesight above and below the surface, a unique social behavior, they are very large and fast. To top it all off, they are extremely intelligent.

Fortunately for us humans we don’t seem to be on their list of prey (so far). Although there have been reports of orcas attacking boats off the coast of Portugal.

For the most part, there have only been a handful of incidents that we (as humans) have had with them. These incidents have been with orcas in captivity. Furthermore, they were reportedly committed by only the same orca. (named in the video below). Orcas are sentient beings as well. Therefore, its easy to imagine that such an intelligent animal might be a bit pissed about being held captive.

The video below examines how fierce these marine mammals can actually be be.

“ORCA ─ Superpredator Whale and Shark Killer” – YouTube video by BEASTERS

Orcas are fascinating and very capable super predators. It’s quite understandable how they can be very intimidating to be near. However, from what we know now about the orca-human relationship, our fears could be overexaggerated.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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