Octopuses And Music

If you have ever wondered about octopuses and music. Here is an observation of two octopuses as they listen to different types/genres of music.

A request by one of their viewers prompted Octolab TV to test the behavior of two octopuses exposed to music.

Here is the quoted request from their viewer:

This is a request from viewer “Original Badguy”. “I would love to see if he responds differently depending upon what type of music is playing! I believe that, through music, we MAY see “moods”! For Example: Classical, does it seem to relax him? Hip hop, make him anxious? Or excited? Is there any type of music that seems to put pep in his step??? LOL!

H/T YouTube.com – Octolab TV

Although it is interesting to watch, I began to feel a bit concerned about exposing these guys to music. Music is a human experience, I guess. Who knows, maybe octopuses can appreciate music too. Not all humans like the same music.

Octopuses have different temperaments and personalities. Therefore, it is possible that, like humans, different octopuses can take a liking to certain types of music.

Who knows, but as I watched the clip I did get a little concerned about the safety of the octopuses. It is possible that the music can be torturous for them. Certain types of music is torturous to each of us humans.

In case you have the same concerns that I did. Here is the Octolab TV mission statement:

Our mission is to learn more about the most magnificent creature on our planet, the octopus. Our research is strictly limited to observing their behavior. At no point do we place any of our animals in harm’s way. Our priority is, always has been, and will always be the well-being and health of our octopuses.

H/T – YouTube – Octolab TV

Nonetheless, the following clip records the behavior of two octopuses as they are exposed to various types of music.

“Will an Octopus React to Music – VIEWER REQUEST” – YouTube video by Octolab TV

Ok, so after watching this I personally cant make heads and tails of their reaction. Although, there were certain clear patterns of behavior with extreme variations in the types of music. What do you think?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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