Mysterious Lights In The Pacific Ocean – Fishing Boats, Perhaps?

Mysterious Lights In The Pacific Ocean - Fishing Boats, Perhaps?

A rather large cluster of mysterious lights were observed from an airplane at 31 thousand feet over the North Pacific Ocean. Who knows what it really is? We are told its fishing boats, but a fisherman explains why he does not believe that story.

On July 17, 2022 huge clusters of red light were quite visible from 31 thousand feet and reported by a pilot. Naturally this caused a stir. The following two videos have two opposing viewpoints on what these lights are.

An explanation for these red lights in the sea is provided in the following clip by Sky News Australia. Here these lights are described as the LED lights of fishing boats.

“Mysterious red glow seen above Pacific Ocean” – YouTube video by Sky News Australia

As per the previous clip, an explanation was given. They explained away the phenomenon as being arrays of LED lights on commercial fishing boats to lure in a specific type of fish fish (pacific saury).

Another Opinion

We also found the following video that presents plausible reasons the lights might not be those of fishing boats. In this video an ex-commercial fisherman explains, from his experience as a fisherman, why these lights were most likely not caused by commercial fishing.

Watch the following clip that presents reasons the mysterious red lights might not be caused by fishing boats.

“Mystery Lights in the Pacific Ocean from 39,000 Feet July 17 2022” – YouTube video by sling and stone

You Decide

So now, after watching these two clips, I guess you have to decide for yourself what or who is causing these lights in the North Pacific.

Personally , I can understand the concept of a LED light fishing lure, but In my opinion there were too many of them together in the same area. Also, the first clip shows a vessel with its LEDs lit, and from what I saw, it looked like the range of illumination wasn’t too far from the vessel. In other words each vessel’s sphere of illumination wasn’t as large as I would expect after seeing pictures of the lights from above. Who knows, could there have been 100+ vessels fishing the same area at the same time?

Furthermore, if these lights are used regularly, why would the pilot report them as some kind of surprising and unexplainable phenomenon. Was this his first flight over the area? He apparently never heard discussions of this phenomenon by other pilots?

So there you have it. We have always said the oceans are a huge space that is mostly unexplored. Therefore, until it is, it is up to us to fill the unknown with our imaginations.

What are your thoughts?

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