Megalodon Myths & Truths

Discover what is true about the megalodon and what is actually myth. Lets take a look at megalodon myths and what’s known to be true about the megalodon.

As it turns out much of what we know about the megalodon is actually a collection of myths. In fact, the megalodon isn’t/wasn’t really even a shark.

Hollywood took a few of the most plausible facts about the megalodon and had a field day. Therefore, what we think we know about the megalodon “rhymes” with what is true more than it aligns with the truth.

We have a distorted view because most folks are susceptible to what they see on the screen. And so, what we think we know only resembles an aspect of what was found to be actually true.

Watch the following clip to see for yourself what is actually true, as much as we can know, about the megalodon.

“” – YouTube video by Bright Side

Who knows if the megalodon is still in existence, but it sure is exhilarating to believe it is a remote possibility. What do you think?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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