Leopard Seal Attack – Three Divers Struggle For Life

Leopard Seal Attack - Three Divers Struggle For Life

Although rare, attacks by leopard seals are very much with in the realm of possibility, as seen here. This is true for areas even beyond the continent of Antarctica.

The following clip chronicles a surprise leopard seal attack on three divers. The leopard seal was relentless. These divers had to struggle of their lives for over 30 minutes. During this time the seal bit off their fins, forced them to drop their spear guns and bit them, each in turn while they struggled to swim to shore.

They were diving off the coast of South Africa in False Bay when tis occurred. False Bay is a favorite and very popular site for all sorts of water activities including scuba diving and snorkeling.

The story begins with the three divers went out on what I would call a routine spearfishing dive as they have done many times before. However, on this particular dive all hell broke loose.

Watch the following video to hear the entire story and see what happened in more detail.

“Brutal Leopard Seal Attack On 3 Divers For 30 Minutes!” – YouTube video by Scary Animal Attacks

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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