Huge Blob of Seaweed Headed For The US

Huge Blob of Seaweed Headed For The US

If you haven’t heard, a huge blob of seaweed is headed towards the US. In particular, the coast of Florida and the Caribbean is being effected by this increasing phenomena.

What we are talking about is a huge bloom of Sargassum seaweed. This bloom originates in the tropical zone of the Atlantic Ocean. These blooms make appearances on our coastline yearly during the mid summer months. However, this one is somewhat more concerning than the previous blooms because if size that is said to be 5,000 miles wide.

Apparently our only option, as of now, is to truck the stuff away as it arrives on our shorelines. Islands such as Barbados have reportedly been trucking away 17 dump trucks a day to maintain the usability of their beaches.

Watch the following video for more details about this Sargassum bloom and its impacts on our environment.

“A blob twice the width of the US is heading towards Florida’s coast” – YouTube video by CNN

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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