How Do Orcas Eat Moose?

Who knew? Orcas are predators of moose. What’s a moose doing in the water anyway.

Orcas are top apex predators at the top of the food chain. They are known to eat over 140 species of marine animals … not sure if this figure includes moose.

The clip below explains how orcas are very large dolphins that live in pods and hunt in groups. Their intelligence makes them very capable and efficient hunters. Orcas use their intelligence to pull of some pretty incredible hunting feats as explained in the clip below. Now, this most of us already know.

However, who knew that orcas also hunt moose?

Apparently as the clip explains moose are very good swimmers and spend a good amount of time in the water foraging for food as deep as 6 meters deep. They are also known to swim between various islands along the coast of Canada and Alaska to forage.

I guess this explains how the paths of orcas and moose cross. Naturally, orcas have managed to take advantage of the of the opportunity.

Watch the video below for more details

I guess you should never underestimate the abilities of very intelligent predators such as these. Moose though… really?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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