Great White Shark’s Strange Behavior

Great White Shark's Strange Behavior

We have all observed sharks swimming along the surface either directly or in videos. However, in this particular drone footage, a shark does something that we can’t explain.

TheMalibuArtist is known for capturing amazing drone footage of great white sharks below the surface. The following video is no exception.

Its amazing how the use of drones allows us to secretly observe wildlife in their natural habitats.

In the following drone footage we see great white sharks interacting with other sharks and rays as they peacefully swim around a kelp forest. Then all of a sudden ( about 7.5-8 minutes into the clip ) a shark does something very strange that has never been observed before.

Watch the following clip to see for yourself what this shark does. What do you think is going on with the shark?

“A Great White Shark Does Something I’ve Never Seen Before. What is this?” – YouTube video by TheMalibuArtist

To me it looks like the shark is having convulsions, clearing its gills… perhaps sneezing? Maybe he sawm into a bad patch of water? What do you think?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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