Great White Protects Diver – Awesome Video Captured

Great White Protects Diver While Feeding - Awesome Video Captured

“Great white protects diver” kind of sounds like an oxymoron. However, in this case it isn’t.

In the following clip Emil, a diver, was able to take incredible footage of feeding Great White Sharks, Tigers Sharks and Duskys Feeding on a Whale Carcass off Aliwal Shoal South Africa.

To get these awesome shots Emil had to take what appears to me as a lot of risks. At one point he explains he was being pursued by a few dusky sharks when they suddenly scurried away. As it turns out they scurried away because of an approaching great white shark, it was huge. Rarely do you ever hear the phrase “Great White Protects Diver”.

How This Played Out:

As Emil explains, he took advantage of the shark pecking order around the floating whale carcass they were feeding on. This allowed him to get up real close and film some amazing footage of these feeding sharks. In fact, he actually rode the big great white shark right up to the floating carcass. Under the protection of this great white he was able to film some amazing footage. See the clip below.

He goes on about the mistakes he made as well as the risks he took to get these awesome videos. To many, it would seem like a crazy stunt to pull off, However, as you listen to the interview it becomes clear that he really knows how to relate to these animals… probably even more than what he is doing.

Watch the clip below to see more details about how this event took place.

“Great White Protects Me” – YouTube video by Aliwal Shoal Adventures

I guess you can say it is an understatement to say that it takes incredible knowledge and courage to capture awesome shark videos like this.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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