Great Lakes Shipwrecks Threatened By Invasive Species [video]

There are hundreds of well preserved wrecks now currently at risk due to invasive species in the Great Lakes.

The wrecks of the Great Lakes are known to be in pristine condition for more than a hundred years due to the lake’s dark, cold, fresh and deep water.  It is a mecca for shipwreck hunters. However, the optimal window for seeing these magnificent wrecks may be rapidly closing due to the invasive zebra mussel invasion.  Wrecks are now found to be covered from stem to stern with mussels.

Deep under the Great Lakes, amateur shipwreck hunters have discovered lost cargoes of everything from bathroom fixtures, to antique cars, and even Christmas trees. For many of these divers, this is a hobby that turned into an obsession.
H/T: YouTube Clips

The fear is that the the lake’s wrecks will become unrecognizable to divers as the infestation peaks.

Watch CBS This Morning Coverage in the following video  with Janzen & Scoles – CBS This Morning – 7/10/2018

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Further explanation of this problem can be found below…

Watch the following video by NorthAmericanFishing  for more details bout these invasives.

Images Source: YouTube Clips


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