Giant Squid – Proof Revealed

We have all heard the myths about giant squid. Some even refer to them as the kraken. Well, now scientists are revealing proof the these giant (kraken) squid actually exist.

Here recently scientists were able to document their first giant squid off the coast of America in the Gulf of Mexico, 100 miles out from New Orleans at about 2,000 ft.

This squid just happened be attracted to one of the scientist’s e-jelly fish ( electronic jelly fish). This device was stationed out in the depths to take photos of what ever marine life should happen to be attracted to it.

These e-jellies are underwater cameras designed to emit bioluminescent light to attract marine life to them. This time it attracted a very welcomed find.

Watch how this amazing footage was taken in the clip below.

Into The Deep: Giant Squid Captured On Video”” – YouTube video by CBS Miami

The clip below goes into further detail about the significance of this discovery as well as some of the history behind the myths about this squid.

“Scientists Reveal Proof Giant Kraken Squid Actually Exists” – YouTube video by The Infographics Show

I guess its safe to say that we really are unaware of what is really out there. However, with a few exceptions, there seems to be enough room for all of the oceans creatures to co-exist.

Images Source: YouTube Clips , 2

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