Giant Pacific Octopus Magical Encounter With Diver [Video]

Octopuses are one of the most intriguing forms of marine life that we can encounter while diving.

Underwater photographer, Justin Hofman, was lucky enough to have the pleasure of encountering a very inquisitive octopus. Justin was photographing a giant pacific octopus off the coast of Alaska when seemed to take an interest in him.

As he states it, the playful octopus was as interested in him as he was in the octopus. Fortunately, Justin, having a lot of experience around octopuses wasn’t alarmed and handled the situation well. He was able to film this interaction and share it with us.

Perhaps, there is something for us to learn about how to handle or not handle a similar situation. Especially for those of us that are not as comfortable as he is being up close and comfortable with large octopuses.

Watch the video clip below and learn from how he handles tis situation.

“Guy Offers Hand to a Giant Octopus — You Won’t Believe How He Reacts | The Dodo Wild Hearts”- YouTube video by The Dodo

I am not sure I would have been the best play pal for this octopus. I guess my problem is that I haven’t been around them much. Also, they are quite different than other marine life in so many ways. How about you? Anything like this ever happen on your dives?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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