Giant 320 LBs Shrimp Catch [video]

Here is a challenge for Scuba Divers that don’t practice the no-touch rule. Two Canadian fisherman report catching a huge record-breaking 320 pound Shrimp that actually eats what should be its predators.

Ok. So as the story goes, two fishermen captured a northern prawn that measured about 9 feet long and weighing about 319 lbs.  Rene Kirouac and Raymond Bergeronwere sailing their trawl near the Matane and St. Lawrence Rivers and noticed  unusual movements along the rocky coast. Upon approaching they noticed that a giant shrimp was causing all of the activity. Naturally they set out to capture it.

As quoted, in, these guys had what they called the most difficult catch of a lifetime. It was easily apparent to them that their traps would be useless in capturing the huge shrimp so they resorted to their hunting rifles…

“It was the most difficult catch of my life!” says Mr. Kirouac, an experienced shrimp fisherman. “It just refused to die! We fired at it from close range and knocked it repeatedly on the head with a metal shovel, but it had very little effect. It took sixteen .30-06 ammo before it stopped crawling, but we finally got it!”

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What makes this an unusually strange story is that, prawns normally grow to about 15 or 16 cm.  Also, they are carnivorous and feed on zooplankton. However, this big guy was found to consume fish that should have been its predators as well as seal and beluga meat as stated by Professor Langevin from the University of Quebec.

“We took samples of the content of its stomach and the results are absolutely stunning,” Professor Langevin told reporters. “It seems that this particular prawn fed on fish that should have been its predators, such as cod, hake, Greenland halibut and flounder. We even found some seal and beluga meat! This specimen was clearly an abnormality in the food chain.”

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Furthermore the post states that the Guinness Book of Records has confirmed that this catch was the longest and heaviest ever recorded shrimp.

Ok. So now while this catch may have been confirmed by the scientific community, the picture floating about the Internet seems to be a fake representation of the event as demonstrated in the following video.  Therefore, it is up to you to decide for yourself how much of this story is really true. We will certainly let you know definitively if we get any further details about this.

Watch the explanatory video below that confirms the picture circulating about this catch isn’t real. 

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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