Diving With Sleeping Sperm Whales

Diving With Sleeping Sperm Whales

Swimming with sperm whales is a rare experience for sure, but diving though a pod of sleeping sperm whales is just off the charts.

Patrick Dykstra is not new to swimming with sperm whales. He has been doing it for about ten years. However, swimming with a pod of sleeping sperm whales is an extremely unique and rare experience. He describes it as a surreal and peaceful experience that left him awestruck.

Sperm whales have one of the shortest sleep-cycles known in mammals. They sleep in a vertical position for about 15 minutes at a time at a depth of about 30 ft.

Just watching them in their sleeping pattern is a very moving experience.

In the following clip Patrick explains how this took place and shares some awesome footage of the event.

Watch the video below: Its very informative and really captures the experience

“Beautiful Rare Footage Of Sperm Whale Pod Sleeping Together | Chasing Ocean Giants” – YouTube video by Discovery UK

This looks like an awesome experience. Actually, a bit eerie too.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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