Diving With Humboldt Squid

Humboldt squid are known to be cannibalistic and hunt in packs of thousands.

Humboldt squid, also known as jumbo squid, only grow to about 7 feet long and weigh 100 pounds. They also have a relatively short life span of about a year or two.

These squid live in the deep waters of the pacific and their numbers have been greatly increasing over the last few years. They are now considered and invasive species. It is believed that their increasing numbers is due to the increased water temperatures experienced lately.

Humboldt squid spend most of their time at great depths. However, they do make trips to surface depths during the evening hours under the cloak of darkness to hunt for food. Humboldt live in groups called shoals that can have up to around 1200 squid.

In the following clip Jeremy Wade, from the show River Monsters, goes off his usual beaten path to take us on a trip in search of the Humboldt squid.

Watch this video clip below to learn more about how dangerous Humboldt squid can be.

“Fishing For Deadly Humboldt Squid Off The Coast Of Peru | River Monsters”- YouTube video by Discovery UK

These squid are known to be very aggressive towards their prey which is typically krill and small fish found near the surface. However, when food is scarce they do exhibit a unique form of cannibalism where they will eat other squid in their own shoal.  What do you think they might do to a scuba diver?

The following clip explains what its like to dive with Humboldt squid.

“Stalking the Aggressive Humboldt Squid | Descending”- YouTube video by Outside TV

In the following clip a scuba diver finds out the hard way.  On his first scuba expedition with Humboldt squid this scuba diver  was viciously attacked and mauled by them. Amazingly he was able to capture his scuba episode in the video on the next page referred to below.

Watch the video of this viscous attack by Humboldt squid on a scuba diver.  Amazingly , he was able to capture the event on video.

 Read on for more about Scuba Diving With Humboldt Squid.

“While many experts agree that the Humboldt squid is not a threat to humans, others disagree. There have been some reports around the Sea of Cortez of divers and fishermen being attacked. It is believed this is due to an aggressive search for food though and not the urge to kill.”

Read the entire story here at squid-world.com

Diving with Humboldt squid is definitely an activity that is only for the most brave among us. Fortunately, we dont often encounter these squid, although their numbers a re increasing.

From what I can see, Humboldt squid attacks are magnitudes more dangerous than shark attacks. What do you think?

Images Source: YouTube Clip 1, 2, 3

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