Diving With Crocodiles – Massive 1500+LB Crocodiles

Diving with crocodiles offers something a little different for the adventurous scuba divers among us.

In the following clip, wild life cameraman, Didier Noirot takes us on a guided tour of his crocodile diving adventures. Although it is work for him, it is still quite an adventure that many of us would rather just watch on a screen.

Watch these adventures in the clip below. His real-life explanations add a captivating dimension to his work and its dangers.

Watch this amazing footage and explanations of his crocodile diving experiences.

“Diving with MASSIVE 1500+lb Crocodiles in Africa”- YouTube video by Didier Noirot

I am sure that there are many of you guys that would jump at the opportunity to dive with crocodiles. Right?

If you are interested perusing a dive with these crocs, visit the following link. Underwater 360 reviews 4 of the best places to dive with Crocodiles in their post at uw360.asia.

Remember to keep in mind these safety measures highlighted in the article.

Dive with crocodile experts

– Only dive in winter months or when the water is cold; crocodiles are less active and lose their appetites in the cooler water

– Get in and out of the “danger zone” quickly; crocodiles attack at the water’s surface

– Stay close to the riverbed; crocodiles attack objects silhouetted against the light

– Always keep out of striking range of a crocodile’s head

– Look for smaller-sized crocodiles; they may be less likely to attack anything bigger than themselves

– Learn to read a crocodile’s attitude; only get close to crocodiles that appear to be comfortable with divers

H/T – us360.asia

Crocodiles vs. Sharks: Who gets the upper hand ?

Crocodiles are pretty fierce. The following clip provides insights about how salt water crocodiles and sharks get along.

“This Crocodile Has to Live With Sharks!” – YouTube video by WILD VERSUS

Did you know this about crocodiles?

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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