Diving Dangerous Crocodile Caves Of The Nile

Diving Dangerous Crocodile Caves Of The Nile

Two divers attempt a never done before feat of diving the vast labyrinth of crocodile caves deep below the surface of the Nile.

These very courageous and determined divers dive the hidden crocodile caves of the Nile in the Okavango Delta. These caves are frequented by hundreds of crocodiles. They can be described as dark with thick silty muddy floors and ceilings of decaying forestation. The potential of cave-ins makes these caves very dangerous for divers.

The quest is to understand how the crocodiles of the Nile use these extensive networks of underwater caves.

Crocodiles are very elusive. Therefore, it was decided that a more stealth method of observation would be needed. So, these divers, with a bit of ingenuity, decided to rig one of the crocodiles with a camera. They devised a way to get the camera fitted on an alligator. The camera was fitted with a location device to track its location while also providing a birds eye view of the crocodile’s activities.

After a few failed attempts they were finally able to actually rig a crocodile with a camera. Their camera worked perfectly for a bit. It captured some awesome footage, that is until the crocodile disappeared into their cave system with the camera. Of course, these divers, as courageous as they are, went back into the labyrinth of caves to track down/locate their kitted out crocodile.

Watch these courageous divers navigate the uncharted caves in search of their crocodile’s escape route in the clip below.

“Divers Explore Dangerous Never Seen Before Crocodile Caves | Crocodile Labyrinth | Real Wild” – YouTube video by Real World

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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