Diver Gets Trapped Inside of A Whale’s Mouth [video]

Whale Swallows Diver

The unlikely does happen from time to time. This time, a scuba diver suddenly finds himself trapped in the mouth of a whale and the incident is caught on film.

While we can’t say that he was almost eaten or swallowed by a whale, he was certainly trapped for a bit in the whale’s mouth. As we know, whales are very peaceful and graceful animals that mean us no harm. However, whales like us are prone to mistakes as well.

In this case the diver, Rainer Schimpf, a dive tour operator, went with his team to film what’s called the sardine run just south of Port Elizabeth SA.

Watch the following interview of Rainer by NBC’s Keir Simmons about his miraculous survival story after he was swept into a whale’s mouth while diving off the South African coast below.

“Diver Recounts Almost Being ‘Swallowed’ Alive By Massive Whale” – YouTube video by TODAY

This event occurred on the first day of the trip to the “Sardine Run” off the South African coast. This incident happened as he was trying to photograph a shark going through a bait ball.

“I was trying to get a shot of a shark going through the bait ball, and then the next moment it got dark and I felt some pressure,” Schimpf said. “[That’s] when I instantly knew, a whale had grabbed me.”
“I could feel the pressure on my hip — there is no time for fear in a situation like that — you have to use your instinct,” he said.

Read more at NYPost.com

I am sure that the whale was startled by this surprise event as well. However, whales are very aware of their surroundings and handled the the situation very well as explained in the video below.

Watch the following video where Rainer and his team explain how he almost ended up in the whale’s mouth.

H/T NYPost Video Clip

We have written other articles about scuba divers being possibly swallowed by whales before, but this is particular incident is well documented.

Read about this event for more detail here on NYPost,.com

The video is also available here on Youtube – “I was spat out by a whale” H/T Barcroft Animals

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