Diver Blasted By A Whale Of A Load

Unbelievable, but it did happen and apparently a first documented occurrence.

Whales are very intelligent animals and seem to have a wonderful personality(disposition) when it comes to dealing with us. So it makes me wonder if the whale intended to poo the diver.

This story is documented in an article on Vice.com “A Whale Blasted an Ungodly Amount of Ass Ham All Over Some Divers”.

This story took place off of the Caribbean Island of Dominica when diver Keri Wilk and his dive party were diving with a pod of whales. Apparently the whale just rolled over and continued to spin around bellowing out a huge amount of whale poo intentionally spreading it everywhere. The divers are calling it a “poonado”. They go on to say that the cloud of stuff was so thick they could hardly see their hands in front of them.

Thar she blows! Diver caught in whale ‘poonado’ H/T YouTube

The men were on a routine expedition to photograph the whales when one of their subjects started blasting an ungodly amount of butt butter into the ocean while spinning in circles, causing what one of the divers called a “poonado.” Showing no mercy, the beast didn’t stop until a 100-foot-wide cloud of its Mississippi mud had coated the divers and their equipment.

In a show of unwavering dedication to his craft, Canadian photographer Keri Wilk managed to capture the experience on film. Some believe the torrent of rusty nuggets was a little known defense mechanism, triggered by the proximity of the divers. On the other hand, it could have just been a spastic, diarrheic beast—that’s how little we understand about whales and their insane, magical shits.

H/T Vice.com

They go on in the article to describe their experience in a rather entertaining way.

It is thought that this is the first documented “poonado” experience by scuba divers.

Read the full article here on vice.com.

Images Source: YouTube Clipshttps://youtu.be/r4JJWuHmqPs

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