Did Great White Sharks Cause The Extinction of The Megalodon?

Here is what’s currently the most logical theory about what actually caused the extinction of the megalodon.

The most logical theory is that there was a confluence of events that actually led to their extinction. It is thought that the great white shark caused their extinction. However, the rise in prominence of great white sharks alone cant be credited with the megalodon’s demise.

It just so happened that the rise of the Great white shark occurred within the same time frame as the massive global climate changes of the ice age.

With this climate change it is believed that most of the meg’s favorite prey migrated and developed a preference for colder water. However, the meg remained in its preferred warmer waters. As a result, there was less food available in the more temperate waters where the megalodon roamed. At the same time there were increasing populations of more competitive great whites competing for the same food sources.

Great whites were smaller, more nimble and able to better compete for food than the meg. As a result, the conclusion is that it is the combination of a few events that led to the extinction of the megalodon.

The the developing ice age, as well as the subsequent migration of the meg’s primary food sources to colder waters in addition to greater competition from the rise of great whites for remaining food sources all led to the extinction of the megalodon.

Watch the video below for more details and a fully illustrated explanation of the chain of events that led to the extinction of the megalodon.

“Megalodon Went Extinct Because of Great White Sharks” – YouTube video by Bright Side

So, I guess you could say that the megalodon went extinct because of great white sharks, but that wouldn’t be painting the whole picture.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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