Deep Sea Isopod – A close encounter with Isopods

Here is an up close and personal encounter with deep sea isopods.

Isopods look like giant insects, but they are not. Isopods inhabit the very deep areas ( 700 – 7,000 ft) of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

Interestingly, half or the isopods on our planet live beneath the sea while the other half lives under ground. In fact, what we call pill bugs are a direct relative of these giant isopods. These tiny land based isopods are quite common and are likely in the soil around your house.

Giant isopods are not considered insects, they are considered more akin to crabs ( crustaceans).

In the following clip Mark, a reporter for the Brave Wilderness channel, arranges a close up/hands on encounter with giant isopods at Aquarium Encounters in Florida. His quest is to find out if these isopods isopods have a taste for humans by offering his arm for experimentation.

Watch the following clip to see what happens when Mark hosts one of these giant isopods on his arm

“BITTEN by a DEEP SEA CREATURE?!” – YouTube video by Brave Wilderness

Kind of creepy, but interesting…. Isopods look more menacing than they actually are.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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FYI: Just because it doesn’t bite, doesn’t mean it won’t bite.

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