Dangerous Sea Animals To Know About and Avoid

Dangerous Sea Animals

Knowledge is power and also safety when it comes to interacting with marine life.

Now as we all know, there is the no-touch rule. There is also the requirement of maintaining safe distances from large marine life. We have also heard it put as “just leave bubbles”, but as humans there are those among us that have other ideas.

If you are one of those that just must get up close and personal with marine life. My only advise to you would be to know what you are dealing with.

“Diver Catches Puffer Fish” – YouTube video by armcclure89

Sharks have always held the #1 spot in terms of dangerous marine life to avoid. Hollywood has certainly influenced us in fearing sharks.

However, our fear of sharks has been loosened a bit recently due to our increased education and understanding about these magnificent animals.

It goes without saying that most, if not all, sea animals (marine life) really mean us no harm, but the sometimes our paths can cross and we are faced with unexpected situations.

Some marine life is so large that, just being close to them poses the risk of being hit and or crushed. That is why we are instructed to maintain safe distances from them.

Lately there have been reports of divers/snorkelers getting hit and/or crushed by being too close to large marine mammals like whales.

The video below about a tourist getting crushed by a whale shark in Australia is an example of what can happen if we don’t maintain safe distances. The danger here is just due to their large size.

Watch the video below for more information.

“tourist Crushed by Whale Shark in Australia” – YouTube video by GIS News

So with all of that being said, there are a number of other marine animals that we should definitely not get too close to for various reasons.

The video below highlights 10 marine animals that are potentially dangerous to interact with.

Watch this short video below to see what they are and why they should be avoided.


Most, if not all, of these so-called dangerous animals have natural protection mechanisms for their protection.. and yes. Protection form us as well. So maintain the proper distance and don’t touch as they carry on their daily business.

Images Source: YouTube Clips, 1

Original video- “10 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of ” YouTube Video by TheRichest – no longer available. [Updated 7/8/2022]

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  • PLEASE STOP THE SENSATIONALISM! A woman got hit by a whale shark tail and was injured. That does not make the animal dangerous- just the snorkeler was unlucky. The more you make these animals "dangerous" the less people will care about them and we end up with how sharks are perceived after "Jaws".

    Yes, people need to be careful, but many of your examples are removed from making contact with people. And those people that do get too close should not have.

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