Cuttlefish Intelligence Amazes Scientists

Researchers have recently discovered more details about the intelligence of cuttlefish. Cuttlefish can pass a cognitive test designed for kids.

As it turns out, Cuttlefish are able to pass what is called the “Marshmallow test”. This is a cognitive test that tests self-control responses in test subjects.

To perform this test the cuttlefish were presented a choice. They were given a choice between a less and more desirable meals. The least desirable meal was immediately available and easy to reach. However, the more desirable meal wasn’t immediately available.

The more desirable meal required patience and a bit of decision making. It was a bit more difficult to reach and only available at certain intervals.

Well, as it turns out the cuttlefish were able to wait for the better meal. They didn’t just go for the first and easiest option. They practiced self-control.

Watch this informative video below for more details.

“” – YouTube video by Technorites

Self-control is considered a key trait in intelligent animals. It is required trait for more complex decision making and planning for the future.

In my opinion, based on what I am seeing now, we as humans are slowly losing or eroding this ability.

As quoted from the article referenced below:

Schnell and her colleagues are not sure why cuttlefish need self-control. For social animals like parrots, crows, apes and humans, it is important for group solidarity. For example, humans wait to eat in order to share meal times. It may also be important for tool building animals who need to have patience to construct a tool before hunting.

H/T – “Cuttlefish Found Capable of Delayed Gratification, a First for Invertebrates” by

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