Cookie Cutter Sharks – More Fierce Than You Could Imagine

The cookie cutter sharks are small sharks known for leaving circular wounds in their prey . It has also been known for taking down a number of the Navy’s submarines as well as disabling underwater structures and communication lines.

Little known, these rather small sharks are responsible for inflicting circular wounds on their prey. Cookie cutter sharks can be classified as parasites, because these bites don’t kill their prey. Uniquely adapted to attract potential prey with bioluminescence, they simply take a quick cookie sized bite out of them and descend into the depths of the sea all within seconds.

Watch the following video for a brief explanation about the cookie cutter shark below.

“The Cookie Cutter Shark: Daily Planet” – YouTube video by Discovery Canada

Cookie cutter sharks have very strong and capable jaws with rows of teeth. They will eat and/or bite anything including underwater structures, cables and even moving submarines. In the 1970s they were found to be the mysterious culprit responsible for disabling about 30 huge military submarines and disabling underwater communication cables.

Cookie cutter Sharks eat anything that comes in to close proximity to them. They eat anything from small fish, to squid, to small sharks. Cookie cutter sharks are very voracious predators. They are known to eat large amounts of food in short periods of time.

The following video is entertaining and informative. Watch it below. It explains how the cookie cutter shark operates and the havoc they cause below the surface.

“Shark That Doesn’t Kill to Eat” – YouTube video by WATOP

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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