Changing Shark Behavior? Australia’s Deadliest Year.

Changing Shark Behavior? Australia's Deadliest Year.

The following report highlights changes in shark behavior off of Australia’s coast in one of the deadliest years.

2020 is said to be one of the worst years for shark fatalities. In this clip shark experts, rescuers and survivors take a look at what’s been causing the recent surge in shark fatalities.

The key factors involve our underestimation of shark intelligence. Its now thought that these increased shark incidents are being caused by sharks learning new behaviors, in addition to contributing factors such as global warming, the cessation of shark culling and just more people in the water to name a few.

There doesn’t appear to be much we can do about the these unprovoked shark attack. As of now, our number one defense against these unprovoked shark attacks is shark repellant devices and also drone monitoring & shark alert systems.

Watch the following clip to better understand these recent changes in shark/human interaction along Australia’s coast.

“” – YouTube video by Documentary Central

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