Bizarre Discoveries From The Deep Sea Challenge our Understanding

As we delve deeper into the depths we uncover what we call the “bizarre”. Specifically, “bizarre” marine life that challenges our understanding of “normal”.

There is nothing that compares to exploring the depths of our oceans and discovering new and “bizarre” species of life. Bizarre because they are drastically different than the otherwise “normal” types of life forms we regularly come across. Its like we are entering another world.

These discoveries just go to prove that our planet is very much alive. Wherever you go there is something living there.

I came across the following very informative and somewhat entertaining video. It is a well crafted compilation about various “bizarre deep” sea creatures and what we are learning from them.

Take a glimpse at what is being discovered and how what we learn from these discoveries are adapted by us.

“Bizarre Creatures of the Deep Sea | compilation” – YouTube video by SciShow

The following clip takes a glimpse of what is hiding in the deepest depths of the ocean.

“What’s Hiding in the Deep Sea? | BBC Earth” – YouTube video by BBC Earth

These are awesome discoveries which stretches our imagination about “life” in general. The variety of these discoveries that we are finding right here on our own planet is mind-blowing. So, I wonder why we focus almost exclusively on locating only carbon based lifeforms on other planets.

These discoveries only expand the possibility of what may exist as extraterrestrial life forms.

Images Source: YouTube Clips , 2

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