Barracuda Encounter Diving Bimini’s El Dorado Shoal

El Dorado Shoal is a great diving spot. It’s found off the coast of Bimini in the Bahamas.

On a recent episode of “Blue Wilderness” Mark and Mario challenge themselves to encounter as many sea creatures as possible in a single dive.

The video displays just how beautiful the El Dorado Shoal is and the abundance of vibrant marine life. They come across all types of marine life including Sharks, stingrays reef fish and barracuda.

Towards the end of their dive they actually become surrounded by a large school of barracuda. Barracuda are not known to be dangerous to divers. However, they have extremely large teeth and are known for their aggressive behavior when provoked. Its interesting to observe how cautious they were not to provoke them.

Watch how they handle their encounter with these barracuda in the video clip below.

H/T Mark Vins & Blue Wilderness YouTube Clips

Barracuda are fast and powerful predatory fish that are found in all warm and tropical regions. They typical grow anywhere from 4 to 6 ft long. Additionally, they can be aggressive and are known for their many large and sharp teeth.

If you are interested in how barracuda actually stalk and attack you can watch the following clip from “River Monsters” where Jeremy actually baits for barracuda to see them in action. Apparently he was trying for a first-hand observation of how barracuda attack for insights f how they might have attached a human foot.

Watch Jeremy encounter with barracuda in the following “River Monsters” video clip

Diving with Vicious Barracuda, River Monsters – YouTube

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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