A Great White Shark Impersonation

Fabien Cousteau,  Jacques Cousteau’s grandson is following his grandfather’s footsteps. In his own way of course.

Who would be surprised that Fabien started diving at the early age of 4 when his grandfather is none other that Jacques Cousteau. However, most of us would be surprised about his approach to research and underwater discoveries.

Take for instance his wild idea of building a shark-sub to get up close and comfortable with great white sharks to get a first hand glimpse of their behavior. This was something that was never done before and, needless to say, it was a very risky undertaking. That being said, the only concern that Fabian had was the fear of human error.

As seen in the following video, an incredible amount of attention to detail goes into the creation of Cousteau’s Shark submarine.

H/T YouTube Clips

Watch the following YouTube clip below for further details about this wild attempt to mimic a great white shark.

H/T YouTube Clips by Fabien Cousteau

In his other underwater adventures, Fabien spent a record breaking 31 days underwater aboard the Aquarius, an underwater research laboratory nine miles off the coast of Florida.

Watch Fabien Cousteau present what he learned from his extended stay underwater in the video below.

H/T YouTube Clips by Fabien Cousteau

As Fabien finds out and expresses in the quote below. Living underwater for 31 days can have unexpected side-effects such as the loss of taste and even the ability to whistle.

Fabien’s response to the following question was very insightful.

Where do you think diving is still lagging?
We’re at a point where tanks should weigh half as much as they do. I’d like to see a smaller tank made of carbon-fiber, weighing almost nothing. NASA does stuff like this all the time – coming up with new gear. It seems like modern scuba gear only piles on more bells and whistles, which constricts us. Wouldn’t we all rather be free to fly in the water? – H/T Redbull.com

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