5 Tips For Safely Diving With Sharks

5 Tips For Safely Diving With Sharks

This clip will help you better understand shark behavior and present 5 tips to feel more comfortable diving with sharks.

Diving in the presence of sharks is often a dreaded experience for most divers. It’s like you either love or hate being around them.

In the clip below, Arjan, a diver with more than 15 years of scuba diving experience, presents 5 useful tips for dealing with sharks. He explains shark behavior and what to do when you encounter one.

Sharks are very curious animals. As Arjan explains, we( divers) look very odd to sharks. It is in their nature to want to check us out. The only way for sharks to check us out is to bump into us and/or take a taste. Unfortunately, a taste involves a lot of teeth and therefore is a dangerous scenario for us to have to experience.

Watch the clip below. Arjan explains how sharks behave and provides 5 tips for us to safely dive in the presence of sharks.

“Safely Scuba Dive With Sharks | 5 Rules to Stay Safe!” – YouTube video by 50ft Below

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