5 Most Common Things Folks Get Wrong About the Orcas & Swimmer Video.

Dylan Brayshaw captured the footage of a lifetime when he recorded a small pod of orcas approaching a swimmer off the coast of New Zealand.

Dylan’s orca and swimmer video clip went viral and has received around 7 million views. If you haven’t seen the video, no worries, we have it below.

Upon first seeing this clip I was a bit worried about the safety of the swimmer. I also wondered at what point did the swimmer become aware of the orcas and if fear was a factor.

You can watch the video below if you haven’t seen it already.

“Orcas playing with swimmer at Hahei Beach, New Zealand (Original)” – YouTube video by Dylan Brayshaw

In the clip below Dylan talks about the 5 most common things that people get wrong about the video.

Watch Dylan in the video below to see how many mistakes/assumptions you might have made too.

“5 Things people get WRONG about the Orcas & swimmer video” – YouTube video by Dylan Brayshaw

Dylan’s explanation certainly cleared a number of questions that I had about what really went on in the clip and the the safety of swimming with orcas. Did you make any of these same assumptions? I certainly did.. LOL

I wonder if these were transient or local/resident orcas. Resident orcas are known to prefer fish for their diet, whereas transient orcas are known to prefer marine mammals.

Here are a few more behind the scenes insights directly from the swimmer, Judie Johnson, in the video.

“Swimmer who swam with orca off Coromandel beach describes ‘life-changing experience’” – YouTube video by 1 NEWS

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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