Spearfishing Chicken Coops of Lionfish

Lionfish Chicken Coops

Wow, this makes catching lionfish look just way too easy.

In the following clip divers were able to easily catch bags of lionfish, Some of them in excess of 2 pounds!

I am not sure how often chicken coops are used for this, but they sure look effective. Each of the chicken coops were covered in lionfish.

It is interesting how the lionfish are not easily spooked. Its as though they are completely oblivious to their “friends” getting plucked away. Perhaps lionfish haven’t learned to react and flea?

Watch this clip to see how easy this is, if you have a working set-up.

“Lionfish removal Destin chicken coops”- YouTube video by Hanna Tillotson

Removed( not available) – https://youtu.be/F6sOiHMi3wo

I wonder if those chicken coops are baited with anything. They sure are liked by lionfish. Perhaps we can use this technique elsewhere.

Images Source: YouTube Clips ,2

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