Underwater Winged Wetsuit [videos]

Wow.. The Oceeanwings water wet suit is a winged wetsuit that allows divers to seemingly fly through the water with little to no effort.

The winged wetsuit was inspired by the wing suits of sky jumpers. However, this wing suit is designed for divers. It is basically a winged wetsuit that’s made of neoprene and functions very much like its sky jumping counterpart. That is, it allows an underwater gliding experience.

The neoprene fins/wings allows divers to easily change directions with only slight limb movements.

This suit was designed for Aqua Lung Dream Lab and is classified as artwork. There are no current intentions of marketing it currently.

A video on the following page depicts a diver effortlessly gliding/flying through the water with out kicking his feet or moving his arms.

Watch the Oceanwings underwater wing suit in action in the video below.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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