Innovations For The Future In Scuba Diving [video]

Innovations in scuba diving equipment are underway that could dramatically change scuba diving in the not too distant future.

Simply Scuba’s video, featured below, summarizes the latest technological advances in diving equipment that look very promising.  We see innovations related to tank-less scuba diving such as the  (ORB Oxygen rebreather helmet), Oxygen absorbing crystals capable of drawing oxygen from the surrounding water and delivering it to where it is needed. The featured advances in dive masks.. include innovations such as the scuba-S mask. The Scuba-S mask is a diving mask with integrated underwater camera, flashlight, HD display as well as communications devices.

Additionally he covers simulated diving via virtual reality ( 360 videos).. as well as the amphibian scuba diving simulator featured in one of our previous posts.

Watch the following video for a peak at what is on the horizon for scuba diving.

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Seemore of the latest “Best Scuba Diving Gadgets & Technology”worth seeing now.

The following video highlights 5 of the latest gadgets and technology relates to scuba diving.  I find the most impressive to be the advances in underwater digital technology.

The following gadgets are featured in the video below

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Watch the entire video below to decide which is your favorite

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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  • What is the point of virtual scuba diving ????
    It would be just like having a "virtual steak" for dinner. The excitement of scuba diving, is actually DOING it, not imagining it.

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