People Can End Up In A Whale’s Mouth

People Caught In Whale's Mouth

From kayakers to divers quite a few folks, statistically anyway, have been getting caught up in whale’s mouths.

Just recently the following footage captures an incident where a group of kayakers somehow ended up in in a whales bite during a whale watching adventure.

This must be seen to be believed …. Watch this shocking Video below…

“Whale swallows two Person in Kayak and then……” – YouTube video by Globe Lite

Watch the News Clip video below.

“Kayakers nearly swallowed by humpback whale in California”- YouTube video by Guardian News

Here is another video clip of the incident from a different angle.

“Humpback whale almost swallows kayakers near Avila Beach – California” – YouTube video from avila beach

Watch the following video for more first-hand details.

“Humpback whale almost swallows kayakers of California coast” – YouTube video by KSDK News

And as we know, it s not only kayakers, but scuba divers too. Remember?

Whale Swallows Diver

Fortunately whales are very precise and selective. Therfore, no one was seriously harmed in these incidences. All of these incidents points to the importance of maintaining safe distances from marine animals. Especially larger ones.

Images Source: YouTube Clips 1,2,3,4,5

[Updated 3/28/2021]

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