Surviving a Leopard Seal Attack

Surviving a Leopard Seal Attack

Although leopard seal attacks are fairly rare, they are on the increase due to the growth of tourism.

Leopard seals are considered cute by most. However, in actuality they are big ( up to 3 meters in length), fierce fighters and fast. They are the only seals that kill warm blooded prey, including other seals.

Leopard seals live in Antarctica, but can travel north through the Sothern ocean to New Zealand. This increases the likelihood of encounters.

Honestly though, leopard seal attacks on humans are rare occurrences. They tend to be more curious and playful than aggressive around humans. That being said, there are exceptions.

Watch the following video clip below. It explains how to avoid leopard seal attacks a s well as what to do if attacked by a leopard seal.

“How to Survive a Leopard Seal Attack” – YouTube video by How To Survive

In one of our previous posts a scuba diver is attacked by a leopard seal. Fortunately he didn’t over react. It is a very scary story, that actually has an interesting twist. See this post below.

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