Cave Diving An Iceberg Goes Wrong

Cave Diving An Iceberg Goes Wrong

A team of divers attempts the first-ever cave dive inside of an iceberg and something goes drastically wrong at 130ft.

Well known cave diver Jill Heinerth and her team attempts an iceberg/cave diving first. This event took place in Antarctica inside of an iceberg known as B-15. B-15 is an iceberg that broke away from Antarctica and it is about the size of Jamaica.

Three consecutive extremely close calls didn’t stop these pioneer divers from cave diving this iceberg. On the first dive they were trapped as the cave was sealed off by collapsing ice, on the second dive they were sucked into and trapped within the iceberg by extremely strong currents. On the third dive they were once again were subject to extremely strong currents again that almost sucked them back into the iceberg. Finally, as they were preparing for yet another one of these risky dives, the next day, they witnessed the cave collapse in front of their eyes.

I would say that luck was really on their side with each of these dives and even on the final dive which luck prevented them from doing.

Watch how these amazing dives took place in the video below.

“Cave Diving Gone Wrong | The First Iceberg Cave Dive” – YouTube video by Speluncaphobia

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