Harvesting Lionfish

FWC explains how easy it is to harvest lionfish in Florida.

We all know that lionfish is an invasive species by now However, did you know that they are very delicious and there is an increasing demand for them ?

There is enough demand and lionfish supply to make a few dollars, cover your fuel and gas while enjoying a day of diving. Furthermore, as lionfish become more popular the increase restaurant demand along with easy fishing licensing regulations makes lionfishing even more enticing. Especially for harvesting lionfish in Florida.

As seen in the featured video clip below, it is relatively easy it is to catch lionfish with the proper equipment.

Lionfish Harvesting In Florida – H/T Youtube Clips

Images source: YouTube Clips – Video produced by Voca Films and featuring commercial harvester Matt Jozwiak, Okaloosa County Marine Resources Coordinator Alex Fogg and diver Kaylee Brown.

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  • Don't you need a seafood sales license or something like that in order to sell your catch?

  • It's incredible how much of an invasive species they have become in your part of the world. Here in Australia we get excited when we see one...

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