Freediving Dangerous Deep Tunnels and Caves

Free speaking free diver explains his philosophy of diving and shares his adventures diving dangerous tunnels and caves.

Enjoy this. It is a straight forward and entertaining production by “SAILING into FREEDOM”. In this video Peter and his wife (Margarida) candidly share their approach to life, freediving dangerously narrow tunnels and caves. For them it seems to be about enjoying and sharing a free-spirited life above above and below the surface.

Once you get past his favorite word that begins with an “S” in this video, it is really quite insightful and entertaining.

I like the segment where he shares his thoughts and feelings about scuba diving vs. free diving. To be honest though, he does make a few good points.

His free diving style looks a bit cavalier, but if you listen through you will see that he has back-up strategies in mind. That is , just in case things don’t go as planned while free diving these tight spots.

Watch the video below. Keep in mind that he does frequently use this favorite 4 letter word, if you can get past that, you will enjoy this.

“Ep. 264 Dangerous Freediving of deep tunnels and caves at the Devils Grotto – Sailing the Caymans”- YouTube video by Sailing into Freedom

Humm… scuba divers vs. free divers? What about freeloading a bit of oxygen when down on a dive? This thought never occurred to me.

Has anyone ever asked you for a sip of air?

Images Source: YouTube Clips

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