Amazing Mind Altering Video of Underwater Freedom

Amazing Video of Guillaume Nery Freediving in Tahiti.

This video presentation of a freediver drift diving is in the form of a short movie. It is totally captivating and mind altering in that it looks so natural and just inspiring.  It is like scuba diving on an esoteric level, yes?

In this video Guillaume freedives ( diving without breathing apparatus) in under water currents to effortlessly float/fly through the water.

It looks so natural, the water is perfectly clear and he isn’t wearing any tanks or breathing apparatus to create bubbles. You actually forget he is at the bottom of the sea performing his antics. At certain points in the video he actually appears to be running and dancing mid “air”.

This video is so amazingly mesmerizing that it may want scuba divers to begin or at least consider freediving.

“Ocean of Pearls” – YouTube video by PETRY GILLES

I can only imagine the physical and mental preparation required to pull these magical dives off.

Images Source: YouTube Clips

[Updated 1/30/2021]

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