An Unbelievable Robotic Dolphin Experience to Look Forward To

Dolphin Robot - Robotic Dolphin

Just imagine … the reality of an experience with the dolphin of your dreams… well its a virtual reality coming true.

In 2019 a secret and very unique project was initiated with Edge Innovations in San Francisco. The end goal of which is a revamping of the marine captivity industry. This ever popular industry is under enormous scrutiny for wildlife captivity and trade. Therefore, some kind of solution is desperately needed.

The idea is to replicate sea animals like great white sharks, whales and such. In other words, the task at hand is to develop animatronic ( robotic) marine animals that are so lifelike that they can fool any audience.

Robotics to end animal captivity in zoos and marine parks

“How robots could end animal captivity in zoos and marine parks | Just Might Work” – YouTube video by Freethink

This project, by an AR game designer and Edge Innovations, resulted in the development of a lifelike animatronic dolphin that will knock-your-socks-off, as its said. This dolphin is so real looking that people had to be convinced that it was not the real thing.

Watch the video clip below of a live demonstration of this amazing dolphin and the audience reactions…

H/T – “RNZ Interview Robot Dolphin – Made by Edge Innovations – This is an animatronic!” YouTube Video – GeoAR Games

“This dolphin weighs, feels and has been engineered to simulate everything from the skeletal structure, to the muscular interaction with that skeletal structure, to the fat bladders and weight deposits on a real adolescent bottlenose dolphin,” he said.

Volunteers who have been swimming with the prototype have been quick to give it the tick of approval.

“People just believed that it was real until they were told it was not. It was just absolutely incredible,” Langlotz said.

H/T “Robotic dolphin causing stir in aquariums while solving ethical dilemma” –

Melanie Langlotz, an augmented reality gaming expert based in Auckland and her business partner Li Wang, came up with the idea of using animatronic or robotic dolphins as a replacement for their real counterparts.

H/T – “RNZ Interview Robot Dolphin – Made by Edge Innovations – This is an animatronic!
” YouTube Video – GeoAR Games

Eventually they teamed up with two animatronics experts in San Francisco, Roger Holzberg and Walt Conti, who helped make robotic animals for Star Trek and Jurassic World.

This video was filmed as part of a client demonstration of what sort of entertainment could be put together for an audience using animatronic dolphins, Belugas, Orcas or even a Great White. Animatronics can work all day long, don’t need food and don’t mind taking endless selfies with visitors. We believe this approach to themed entertainment represents a humane and sustainable future!

Our new company Eutopia Ltd is looking for investors who want to come on board early to do good in the world, make a difference that also has a nice ROI. It’s time to phase out marine animals and replace them with animatronics who won’t mind being attractions.

If you want to know more about the project, email me at Edge Innovations has launched a website about the dolphin

H/T “RNZ Interview Robot Dolphin – Made by Edge Innovations – This is an animatronic!” – YouTube Video – Geo AR Games

As you can see in the video above.. this project looks very promising … and not only to me. Investors are reportedly lining up to invest in the mass production of these lifelike marine animals.

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Images Source: YouTube Clips 1, 2

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