Extreme Drift Divers Tossed In “The Washing Machine”

Drift Diving The Washing Machine

A group of extreme divers experience the rocks in a very fast moving rip current that can only be described as a “washing machine” .

There is an area between two islands in Exuma Cays that is known for its extremely fast and turbulent current. It is affectionately known as the”washing machine”

It is a favorite spot for extreme drift divers. This type of diving is only for experienced divers.. so dont go down there without the proper training.

It gives youth exhilarating rush of a roller-coaster. In fact its like a natural roller-coaster underwater where there are no tracks and you must do all you can to control your dive and avoid the rocks.

Unfortunately in this video a few of the divers do hit the rocks and keeping the dive group together proved to be challenging … watch below.

Watch the video below to see what the “washing machine” experience is like.

“Extreme Drift Diving” – YouTube video by Randy Shepard

This spot is loved and enjoyed by experienced drift divers, and understandably so. However, It can be a treacherous dive for the inexperienced drift diver… so if you want to do this dive, get the training and go with an experienced group.Drift Diving

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