Drift Diving Excitement In Bali

Drift Diving is a lot of fun

Drift Diving is basically going with the flow or riding in the current of the underwater super highways that are frequented by many types of marine life.

Drift diving looks fun and easy, however it does require developing certain skills to maintain control in the flow, breaking techniques as well as techniques for ascending and descending in the current.

Drift diving is said to be one of the most rewarding diving techniques to  learn. The technique of drift diving calls for you to ignore all that you have been taught as it relates to swimming against the current and just sit back and take a ride, so to speak.  That is, depending upon the speed of the current, you often don’t have to use your fins to propel yourself forward. The technique is quite useful in areas with strong currents that can be difficult to swim against.

Drift diving requires an extra measure of caution. It is important to do this type of diving in a dive site that you know very well.  You must carefully plan your exit points. It can’t be emphasized enough, currents can be strong and take you out into deep water or force you under, so know your dive site well.

Drift dives typically follow along walls, wrecks,  shorelines or reefs.  Bali has some amazingly beautiful drift diving sites around the island of Nusa Penida as pointed out by a post on baliocean.com

Images Source: YouTube Clips

Read the full post here on baliocean.com for more details on drift diving Bali.

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  • Drift diving is a lot of fun but takes practice and good technique. And check your gear configuration. At least one diver in the video with a trailing SPG - drifting at that speed would be much a lot less fun if that got caught and ripped off the hose...

  • wow. octos not in a donatable spot. grabbing bottom mass. barn dooring a buddy around so her mask and reg almost get torn out and she spends five seconds on camera making sure they are still there. dangling spg's. fins hitting bottom all along by multiple divers.

    yes, looks like a great place to drift dive. looks like the shop needs to do better orintations and skill assessments first.

  • Like the comments, nice to see others noticed some of the problems. Glad I was not the only one thinking really this is how you dive..go back to training.

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