Diver Gets Caught In Power Plant’s Discharge Current

Diver Gets Caught In Power Plant's Discharge Current

Scuba Diver unexpectedly gets caught in the rip current of an underwater discharge pipe. . This pipe and its discharge is loved by marine life and offers a wild ride for daring divers.

Now, as we know, diving around underwater structures such as this are not advised. That being said, Joe Oceanside and his dive buddy Old Skool, explore this hidden spot. It is very unique and one of their favorite hidden dive spots in Florida.

This dive site happens to have a huge discharge pipe. It dumps an enormous amount of cooling water into a nearby lagoon. The water coming out of this pipe is a few degrees warmer than its surrounding waters and it attracts many fish and corals.

The combination of this man-made rip current and the surrounding marine life it attracts makes this a perfect dive spot. No wonder its location isn’t being disclose. 🙂

Watch the video below to see what is would be like to dive the rip current of a power plant’s discharge.

“Scuba Diver gets caught in Rip Current from Power Plant Discharge Scuba Diving Florida” – YouTube video by Joe Oceanside

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