Scuba Diving Pizza Delivery Man [Video]

Of all of the various types of professional diving jobs available, have you ever considered pizza delivery?

Well Rob Doyle and Andy Ball are underwater pizza delivery men, or should I say – scuba diving fast food delivery man.  Yep,  they deliver pizza to an exclusive underwater hotel 21 feet below the surface as featured in this World’s Strangest Job video.

The NBC’s Today Show with Megyn and Kelly  interviewed Andy recently. You can watch the their interview in the Facebook clip below or here

Imagine that…. underwater bell service.  Hum… it could possibly become a more main-stream job if the underwater hotel industry takes off as highlighted in our related post about the developing underwater hotels and resorts.

Watch bob in action in the following Video..

Images: Youtube Clips

Try Liveaboard diving and you won’t need a pizza delivery man .. LOL

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