Love Scuba Diving? Keep it Alive!

Although we all know and enjoyed the excitement of achieving our first scuba diving certification, for many this achievement is the highlight of their Scuba experience.

Divers, there are many ways to maintain the initial momentum you experienced when you began diving.  All you have to do is examine the new found opportunities that diving brings to the table.

Consider joining a Dive Club. You will find inspiration as well as friendships among folks with very similar interests. With this kind of bonding mutual encouragement you will most likely take your diving beyond your originally conceived limits.

You should also consider broadening  your level and type of diving by continuing your diving education as well as choosing a diving specialty. Consider muck diving, cave diving, wreck diving, open water diving …etc). There are so many opportunities. PADI offers a wide variety of scuba diving courses… They will keep you busily engaged for a quite a while.

Don’t overlook the fact that scuba diving involves traveling. Combine your topside vacationing … travel out explore  try liveaboard diving.

The opportunities are limitless… so keep up the momentum, keep that love of scuba diving alive and share your scuba diving experiences with us.

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Brush up on Your Species ID

For most divers, one of the highlights of the entry level course is seeing aquatic life for the first time. You can build upon that thrill by brushing up on your basic identification skills – so that you know how to tell an angelfish from a butterflyfish, or how to distinguish a squid from a cuttlefish. Learning these differences is easy with the aid of a local fish ID book or app, and with a little practice, you will soon be able to recognize many of the species that you share your local dive sites with. Taking a keener interest in the life around you increases the pleasure you get out of each dive by teaching you to pay closer attention to the wonder of the underwater world. Each new sighting is a bonus, adding an extra dimension to your experience.

Find Your Diving Specialty

Your entry level course gives you the basic skills you need to survive underwater – but there’s much more to diving than that. One of the best ways to keep the momentum going is to find out which aspects of diving interest you the most. For example, do you love diving for its innate sense of adventure and discovery? Perhaps you should focus on wreck diving, or start thinking about enrolling on a tec diving course. Is it the wildlife that gets you excited? Consider underwater photography, or perhaps use your new qualification to volunteer on a marine conservation project. If you loved the excitement of mastering a new skill, there are hundreds more to learn – from search and recovery techniques to peak performance buoyancy.

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Another often overlooked opportunity for keeping up with your diving skills is diving at your local aquarium.

Check out our list of 17 aquariums in the US that offer diving experiences at this link.



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