Dive Palau by Liveaboard – [videos]

Dive Palau by liveaboard for the  scuba diving experience of a lifetime.

Liveaboard diving offers the best of both worlds above and below the surface.  From warm water lagoons to dramatic drop-offs, Palau has something to offer every diver.

The  Aggressor fleet takes you to some of the best diving available in Palau, which is known as one of the top dive destinations in the world.  Don’t forget to snorkel jellyfish lake.  Its a year round with something to see every season.

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Palau Underwater

Liveaboards in Palau have so much to offer divers when it comes to dive sites and marine life, most likely whatever you are hoping to find, you will find here. Many dive sites in Palau visited by liveaboards have flourishing reefs inhabited by large schools of colourful fish, living around the jungles of corals, sea fans and sponges. Some of the larger species include green turtles, hawksbill turtles, quite a few species of sharks including grey reef, white tip and leopard sharks, there are also Wahoos, Napoleon Wrasse and the elusive Mandarin fish. There are also multiple wreck sites with sunken ships and many other World War II artefacts.

Dive Sites Of Palau

Palau has many unique dive sites at which you can see a high abundance of different marine life. In general, this area will provide divers with thriving reefs, drop-offs, drift dives, vast amounts of marine life, caves, and wrecks dives. Along with that they have averaged that this area has over 1300 species of fish and over 700 species of coral.

BLUE CORNER is possibly the most famous dive site in Palau, a literal environmental corner which is located on the South West reefs of Palau islands and on the Northwest end of Ngemelis Island. It is located about 46 km (25 mi) from Koror and will offer divers a great chance for seeing sharks. Here you will also see extremely large schools of fish and also many larger marine animals. There are strong currents here so it is not suitable for beginner divers but this does make it a great drift dive spot.

GERMAN CHANNEL is another of the more popular dive sites; this channel was created when the Germans needed to transport phosphorous from the lagoon out to the ocean. The channel itself has extremely strong currents but the dive site is located on the southwest mouth of the channel. This is one of the best dive sites in the world to see and come close to Manta Rays which can have a wingspan up to 3m (10ft).

JELLYFISH LAKE Whilst not a site for scuba diving, as the bubbles can harm the jellyfish, it is a unique experience to snorkel and swim amongst millions of harmless (no stingers) jellyfish. One of the best known in water experiences to do in Palau.

IRO MARU WRECK is one of the wreck dives you may visit on a Palau itinerary, a large fleet oiler which lies at 23-35m (75-114ft) with coral encrusted canon guns and much, much more. There are multiple wrecks to be seen in this area, mostly all from WWII, all which have created their own personal ecosystems underwater.

CHANDELIER CAVES is a cave system made up of 5 separate caves, all which have stalagmites and stalactites formed inside them which resemble sparkling chandeliers. You will need to bring a torch and be a confident diver within caves, if so then they are beautiful caves to explore.

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