Liveaboard Diving For the Ultimate In Diving

If you are  an avid diver like most of us around here that travel to dive, you must experience liveaboard diving.

Liveaboard diving is the ultimate diving experience. Liveaboard diving vessels are available all around the world and offer specialty diving services that cater to your diving experiences both above and below the surf. There really is no better way for the traveling diver to maximize their diving experience.

A liveaboard offers the experience of getting away and staying (out to sea) with a group of like minded diving enthusiasts along with experienced diving staff and crew.  Your vessel selection allows you to determine the degree that you want to be pampered, wined and dined as you travel your diving itinerary.

The video below highlights how to choose and plan a live aboard for your next dive.

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We will highlight a few liveaboard vessels here in this article.  However, remember that there are so many other great liveaboards to chose from.


Maldives: Orion Liveaboard

Orion Liveaboard

Australia: Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom

Bali: KomodoDancer

Komodo Dancer

Fiji: Fiji Siren

Fiji Siren

Similan Islands: Deep Andaman Queen

Deep Andaman Queen


Other liveaboard vessels and ratings can be found by clicking here.

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